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Latest music

Written in August 2023, Butterfly happened really quickly. I wrote it in about 30 minutes on a classical acoustic guitar, and I could see all the layers immediately and began to record them using my vocals to be able to present it to an orchestra. I then collaborated with American Composer, Nathaniel Wolkstein, who was just incredible to work with. Within a month Butterfly was finished. It’s currently being pitched to Crucial Music.

Wide Awake

Wide Awake, features Audrey Karrasch (The Voice USA) on vocals. I originally wrote the lyric ‘Wide Awake & Making Sounds’ at a rave at the age of 16 in 1992. In 2022 the track was signed to Crucial Music in LA California.

More music

My little set up

A creative space for getting ideas down.


Meeting Nick Mason at the BASCA Awards

What a treat, and what a gentleman. After this photo we all headed to a pub called the Coal Hole on The Strand in London.


The Band

I play in a band called Acoustic Street. We play pubs in Cambridgeshire, and weddings all over the UK.

Headlines from Lodestar Festival

I have performed at quite a few festivals over the years. This was a solo performance and I was lucky enough to be picked up by the local paper covering Lodestar Festival. 

Live at the BBC

In 2007 I played 3 original songs live on BBC Introducing.

Festival 2008

In 2008 I played at the Podhajska Festival in Slovakia with my old band Maslow. It was a hot summers day and the crowd was amazing! We played a 30 minute slot, mainly covers but a few songs I had written also went down well.


Performing with Pixie Lott & Tennille Amor

I had the rare and amazing experience of performing live with Pixie and Tennille at a charity event in 2010. 

Festival time!

This is another photo from an incredible time in Slovakia.

What a venue in Worcester

This is a photo of the stunning Boathouse at Kings Worcester where I played a family birthday party. 

On camera

Picture captured of the cameraman shooting my opening song.

Up to now, the album release

In 2018 I decided to put an album of tracks together and releast it. The album is for sale in every online store worldwide. Visit Apple Music for more info.